When I started Katalyst Cog West, my immediate intent was to help my surrounding community achieve a level of freedom and dignity by helping those suffering from serial unemployment or underemployment due to factors beyond their ability to change. Single mothers without the benefit of stable affordable childcare, folks with a wealth of knowledge and experience, not yet old enough to retire, but still “too old” to compete in the millennial workforce effectively, and of course the tried and true default “undesireables” women, minorities, the chronically ill and disabled or for that matter anyone who doesn’t fit the “popular ideal” of the HR manager making the callbacks. Don’t misunderstand me I also envisioned signing up the corporate Alpha dog or any professional that has come to appreciate having the freedom of control over their work life balance. I set off full of vigor and altruism knowing there was definitely a need and I had most of the programming for the operating system that would serve as the foundational hub for my little start-up when the unthinkable happened.

Through some shift in the time-space continuum , the earth tilting on its opposite axis or the most elaborately cruel practical joke I’d ever witnessed, my countrymen handed the keys to the country over to an individual who communicates wantonly on Twitter and  appears to meaneder from reflex to reflex without taking so much as a bathroom break.

Now more than ever the need for Complete Self-Sufficiency for every citizen is paramount to survival. Without ascending to my soapbox (which has become increasingly more difficult on a daily basis)I have become compelled to put the launch of KCW into the highest gear possible. I am truly only a lowly subordinate, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hurdles and pitfalls are ever present while I race against the daily dismantling of civil liberties but I hold close my belief that true evolution occurs When Everyone Succeeds Together (W.E.S.T.). West being the region I was born and raised in, that has played a significant role in my perception of right and wrong and the direction my start up is propelled from, is the perfect backdrop for what I hope will be the first of many shifts of consciousness I get the honor to take part in.

So all that’s missing is you. Even if you’re satisfied with your current station in life, you’re comfortable with your job, your personal life peacefully reflects your good fortune and consequently, you might not see the value in Katalyst Cog West. There are plenty of analogies I could use to hammer home the point using “privileged guilt” to entice you to click through my site, but dishonest no matter how diluted is unacceptable. Instead ask yourself, how much better would your life be if there were less crime (because there was a sustainable way to train for, gain and maintain employment  for anyone willing and able to use a keyboard), savings that corporate America gains by employing  entry and midlevel staff is then passed on to the consumer base (which proportionately increases with the population of the gainfully employed). As an added benefit, the flexibility of schedule and increased accountability create a trifecta when experienced in conjunction with community partner mentorships and training initiatives. This isn’t something that is easily achieved by state or federal government, they’ve tried and failed. The largest missing factor was timing and infrastructure. For a relatively low cost, KCW can collaborate with the existing entities (EDD, Health and human services, and local private sector chambers) to create the first ever large-scale virtual employee/entrepreneur network the state of California has ever witnessed. My hope is that once Katalyst Cog West is embraced by the community, the concept can eventually reach every and anyone with the desire to realize their exceptional potential without regard to circumstance.